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Creative Faces by V ONLY uses the highest quality Face Paints!

Snazaroo, Tag, Wolfe & Global  
Paints to name a few! 

At Creative Faces by V, I am focused on providing face painting, glitter/metallic tattoos & faux eyelash services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction & I will do everything I can to meet your expectations!  That is why I only use Snazaroo quality face paints partnered with Global Exclusive Rainbow Cakes, and other professional high rated brands, such as Tag, Global, Wolfe FX, and Bayleaf Botanicals (Here's why!):

Quality & Safety:

I am very passionate about face painting, and the quality & safety of the products I use for my special clients of all ages.. Snazaroo is the first choice of many parents, children, and professional face painters! 

Snazaroo face paints are specially formulated to be gentle on the skin and are fragrance free.

All Snazaroo face paints have been reviewed by an independent professor of dermatology and professional toxicologists. However, we recommend that before you start, especially if you have sensitive skin,  try a small test area on the inside of the arm.

At Snazaroo they believe in making their products completely safe, therefore you can rest assured that all Snazaroo face paints are manufactured using only approved ingredients fully compliant with EU & FDA toy and cosmetic regulation and are non-toxic.

All Snazaroo face paints are manufactured using only ingredients fully compliant with EU & FDA toy and cosmetic regulations, and are non-toxic.

Snazaroo face paints are specially formulated to be friendly to the most delicate skin and are fragrance-free.

Snazaroo face paints are all water based. This makes them as easy to get off as they are to put on. Simply remove with soap and warm water; there is no need for scrubbing or harsh removers. Please remember that due to the high pigment contents some colours may stain fabric.

Great Colours-
Face painting is all about looking good and having fun. Thier face paints offer a great variety of vibrant colours. They go on easily and dry quickly so you can easily complete a beautiful design in less time. 

All New Global Colours--Face Painting Rainbow Cakes:

Rainbow cakes are revolutionizing the way we paint. Rainbow cakes are multi colored containers of paint that allow you to lay down several colors at once creating an endless assortment of stunning, beautiful creative face painting designs! Rainbow cakes are excellent for the base work for any design.

Non Toxic, hypoallergenic, Fragrance free, FDA Approved Professional quality. 

We've tried and tested these new rainbow cakes from Global and absolutely LOVE them!

They are vibrant, provide great coverage, easy to use, easy to wash off, no staining and look amazing on the skin.!

Global products are *GMO and *BSE free (according to their suppliers). Global Colours Body Art was the official face and body paint for the Opening and Closing ceremonies of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games! The colors are gorgeous, fun and vibrant.

--->Now Using TAG brand NEONS & Bayleaf Botanicals Professional Palettes<--- 

TAG Neon Face Paint Palette comes with 6 colors (Neon Green, Neon Blue, Neon Purple, Neon Magenta, Neon Yellow and Neon Orange).

TAG Neon Face Paints pop out under black light and great for special effects. During the day, TAGs Neons are colorful and bright under normal light.

TAG Face Paint is very easy to blend, soft on the skin and does not crack or peel. TAG Face Paint has a wax base, so your face painting design flexes with movement instead of cracking, remains colorful and is comfortable to wear. 
TAG face paint is hypoallergenic and made with non-toxic, skin safe ingredients.

Bayleaf Botanicals are are a palette of 28 gorgeous colors, that are FDA-compliant, made in the USA, vegan, and free of parabens, nuts, fragrance, and latex.  It's also child-toy safety rated.  In our world, that means these face paints are about as safe as they come.! They also have beautiful lasting power, yet come off effortlessly with soap & water.. 

Self-Adhesive Bling Stones, Pearls & Jewelry 

Creative Faces by V is excited that they have recently added beautiful self adhesive, pearl, diamond, jewels and gems (assorted sizes) to their face painting designs.
They will instantly add sparkle effects to face paint, & create unmatched gorgeous designs! Assorted gems & jewels can be easily applied by just peeling and sticking to easily accent any design, with no need for additional adhesive. Safe for all ages. They are perfect to make your face paint designs pop. All blings come with an acid free, adhesive backing. 

**Creative Faces by V only uses the highest quality face and body paints for their clients.. 

We proudly use Snazaroo, Tag, Global, Wolfe FX, and Bayleaf Botanicals.

*The acronym GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms, which refers to any food product that has been altered at the gene level. Genetically modified foods are also frequently described as "genetically engineered", "genetically altered" or "genetically manipulated." 

* BSE (at least in terms of veterinary medicine) stands for Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy., otherwise known as 'Mad Cow Disease." BSE is a relatively new disease, first diagnosed in Great Britain in 1986. The common name of "Mad Cow" is probably due to the loss of motor control, dementia and behavioral changes seen in the late stages of this disease.

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