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Unique, exciting, vibrant makeup, accessories, shimmer, glitters and 3D Mink Cruelty-Free Lashes!

**Our Unique luxurious stunning lashes are:

**100% Cruelty Free

**Layered to give 3D effect

**Hand made, hand tied

**Made from the highest quality silk

Created exclusively by Pro Face Painter, Certified Makeup Artist and owner of Creative Faces by V! Amazing, affordable high quality products available for anyone who LOVES to stand out, shine and celebrate!

Make everyday a party with Carnival Cosmetics!! 


All 3D Mink Faux Eyelashes Accessories and Tools Palettes Party Gift Certificates
$13.00 $16.00
$13.00 $16.00
$13.00 $16.00
$13.00 $16.00
$13.00 $16.00
$13.00 $16.00
$13.00 $16.00
$13.00 $16.00